Gordon insists right on ICRC kidnap crisis

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Richard Gordon on Monday insisted his right to be involved in finding immediate resolution to the 68-day ordeal of the three abducted workers of the International Committee of Red Cross in Sulu. In a statement, Gordon said he is simply holding the best interest of the people, his colleagues in the Red Cross, the soldiers and of the country.

The senator serves as a governing board member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies.

He said his intervention had thwarted not only the execution of one of the ICRC workers but also freed them from what he said is “immediate clear and present dangers” of attacks the military troops launched against the abductors.

“After that attack on Monday [last week], there was an immediate threat [to behead] and we had to act. The Abu Sayaff talked to me and I was told they were going to kill one of the hostages. That is when I acted,” Gordon said.

The senator denied that he ordered and insisted the withdrawal of the military troops or the civilian volunteer officers.

“I never advocated any withdrawal (of troops). In fact, I have always told them [military] to put enough pressure so they [Abu Sayaff] will continue talking. The only time we asked the withdrawal was when there was imminent danger to life,” Gordon said.

He added that it was never his intention to interfere with the military operations but he was compelled because of the danger posed against the three ICRC workers.

“We are talking about lives here. We have to be very, very judicious. Thank God we were able to stave off the execution and we were able to talk with the hostages, finally we have proof of life and we were able to prevent further attacks,” Gordon said.

Amita Legaspi, GMANews.TV

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