Italy urges mercy for hostaged Red Cross workers

ROME – Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano on Tuesday pleaded with the kidnappers of three Red Cross workers, including an Italian, in the Philippines to show mercy instead of “hate and intolerance.”

Napolitano called for the “unconditional release” of the hostages to “bring an end to a situation that has provoked the anxiety of the hostages’ families as well as that of Italian and international public opinion.”

He urged in the statement that “humanitarian considerations take precedent over hate and intolerance.”

Troops in the Philippines prepared Tuesday to attack Islamic militants holding the three Red Cross workers hostage, officials said, after a deadline to behead one of them passed.

Andreas Notter of Switzerland, Eugenio Vagni of Italy and Mary Jean Lacaba of the Philippines were abducted on January 15 during a humanitarian mission on Jolo island.

Agence France-Presse

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