300-year old historic house in Daraga is Albay’s latest tourist attraction

LEGAZPI CITY — An almost 300-year old house which survived the ravages of time is the latest addition to Albay province’s numerous tourist attractions.

Built on March 2, 1702 by the great, great grandmother of the late Antonio Loveria, a descendant of the well-known Borromeo clan, the house, located along F. Lotivio, Bagumbayan, Daraga, Albay has withstood carpet bombings by the American liberation forces, and the deadly typhoons that often visits the Bicol region.

“It is one of five houses that survived the war, after every house and well known structures were leveled to the ground in Daraga,” said previous owner, Emma M. Loveria.

The house is made of lime which was a common construction material during the 1700s. Its ground floor is made of polished stone.

During World War II, the old house in Ilawod, as some townsfolk fondly calls it, served as the headquarters of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Some bullet holes were found on the windows, indicating a fierce fire fight between Japanese soldiers and the liberating forces.

Today, the house has been renovated to look like the original one.

Its present owners, couple Sheldon and Med Villanueva nee Vallejo, has transformed the place into a world-class restaurant any tourist visiting the place would certainly enjoy.

Med and Sheldon has named the place Balay Cena Una, and is managed by Ma. Lourdes Villanueva, the couple’s daughter.

Any tourist coming to the region will enjoy visiting this old house as it serves international cuisine provided for by executive chef Bert Clemena who has trained as a chef in France. (Philippine News Agency)

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