Carmen Javellana

Ninth of the ten children of
Don Manuel Javellana and Doña Gertrudis Lopez


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Marker at Navalas Church, Guimaras

The land where the Navalas Church, also known as the Saint Isidore Parish Church, was built was donated by Don Miguel Jayme and Doña Carmen Javellana.

It is now the oldest structure in Guimaras, built in 1880 by the then parish priest Fr. Francisco Consing and completed in 1885.

Local residents provided the labor using coral rocks sourced from the area, then the coral stone blocks were glued together by a mixture lime, tree sap and some sticks.

Don Miguel Jayme and Doña Carmen Javellana donated a piece of agricultural land for the parish and offered financial help, undertaking most of the expenses for the church construction.

The belfry was built as a separate structure just a few meters infront of the church. It used to have a huge bell made of alloy silver and gold.

The original bell had a diameter of about a meter and a height of more than four feet, resonating far yonder as the town of Dumangas.

For a long time, the bell warned the natives of approaching Moro raids.

The church was enclosed with a massive stone fence designed to make it difficult for the attacking Moros to enter the compound.

However, one time when Moros raided Navalas, they managed to enter the compound and stole the bell.

On the way, perhaps finding it too massive and heavy to carry, they decided to throw it to the sea, somewhere near the Siete Pecados islands.

In 1970, the church structure was reinforced with concrete, then it underwent renovation in 1979.

Today, only the façade remains “untouched”. The church interior including the ceilings were already renovated.

The church façade was patterned after the façade of the Jaro Cathedral.

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