Marcelina Javellana

Youngest of the ten children of
Don Manuel Javellana and Doña Gertrudis Lopez


1. Julio Roberto Javellana Catague + Consolacion Golez Jamili

David Jamili Catague

1.1 Guillermo Jamili Catague (b. 1902) + Juliana Hofileña (b. 1906)
1.2 Julio Jamili Catague
1.3 David Jamili Catague (b. 1906) + Paz Barrido Balleza (b. 1909)

2. Ruperto Javellana Catague + Consolacion Golez Jamili vda de Catague (widow of Julio Roberto)

3. Esperanza Javellana Catague + Narciso Benedicto

3.1 Catalino Benedicto (b. 1905) + Candelaria Ga (b. 1910)

4. Julieta Javellana Catague

5. Rosario Javellana Catague

6. Encarnacion Javellana Catague

7. Manuel Javellana Catague

If you are a descendant of Marcelina Javellana or if you have any information on her descendants, please send your contact details to nclujan [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thanks!

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