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Published on February 26, 2009 at 12:00 am  Comments (137)  

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  1. Hi. It’s been awhile since the last post. Anyway, I would like to inform our Javellana clan that my mother, Josefina Papas Javellana, the last surviving daughter of Jose Hinolan Javellana, passed away last December 21, 2017 here in Quezon City. Her ashes are now at my cousin Luz Brandares’ family mausoleum in Heaven’s Gate Memorial Garden in Antipolo, Rizal. She was 86 years old.

    Here’s looking forward to a prosperous and peaceful 2019 for our Javellana clan! Take care everyone!


  2. Hello – my name is Ami. I am the great granddaughter of Paz Javellana of and Dr. Tranquilino Gonzalez. I grew up outside Iloilo and wanted to ask you if you have any information that can help me to fill out the branches of my family tree on the Javellana side. Thank you!

  3. Hello! My name is Ami. I am the great granddaughter of Dr. Tranquilino Gonzalez and Paz Javellana through my mother’s side (her maiden name is Gonzalez.)

    I was wondering if you might have come across any information about Lola Paz in your research on the Javellanas. I grew up outside PH and am very curious to find out if I can trace my family tree further back on that side.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi not sure if i can help u but maybe you can help me? I’m also a Grecia. My grandfather is Gaudencio Grecia who was from Iloilo and moved to Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat around 1920’s (not sure). He had 6children from 1st marriage and married Viviana Ordinario who also was previously married with 2children. Then they had 4 children after- one is my dad Gaudencio Ordinario Grecia Jr. Please let me know your thoughts?

  5. Nereo, the children of Jessie Javellana Guingona came to Legazpi to visit . It was fun meeting relatives again …all grown up . Is there any chance we can get the clan to come together ? Regards,

  6. Hi Liz! Here’s what I found: Fernanda Javellana (born 1846, died 1 June 1931) was married to Pedro Hiponia. They were the parents of Rosalea Hiponia (born 4 September 1871). Rosalea married Cayetano Jaen.

  7. Hi Tita Med… We’re praying for Lola Pin… Jerry Guingona posted about her passing on FB

  8. My aunt Josefina Papas Javellana passed away. on December 21, 2017 in Quezon City . I will ask her daughter Gigi to post details .
    Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Auntie Pin.

  9. Hi just to update this segment! Thank you





  10. Hello, Anyone knows if the Jaro Churh still holds the past records? My great great great grandmother is Fernanda Javellana… in 1871, she gave birth to Rosalea. Lola Rosalia then gave birth to my dad’s lola, Lola Auring. When Lola Auring passed away, her two nephews, Archbishop Piamonte and Msgr. Jaen did her last rites. I’m building my family tree, please reply if you have more info. Thanks

  11. Hi im Emilyn J. Badayos fifth daughter of Miraluna Javellana Badayos. My Grandfather is Fortunato Javellana.

    I would like to correct and update our lineage under Fortunato Javellana
    1. Miraluna Javellana Badayos + Ignacio Bdayos (deceased)
    a. Eva Badayos Hormigos + Salvador Hormigos Jr
    i. Francisca Hormigos
    ii. Bea Hormigos
    iii. Melissa Hormigos
    b. Ma. Luz BAdayos Laud + Joan Laud
    i. Ma. Kristela Laud
    ii. Kistoffer Jon Laud
    c. Myla Badayos
    i. Ronald Joseph Badayos
    d. Ma. Gemma Ortega + Ramil Ortega
    i. Joshua Ramil Ortega
    ii. Jason Ramil Ortega
    e. Emilyn Badayos
    f, Rene Badayos + Teresa Cordero
    i. John Rei Badayos
    ii. Karen May Badayos
    g. Roy Badayos

  12. My name is Rebecca Gargantiel Ignacio- Sarmiento. Married to Jimmy Siason Sarmiento of Silay.

    My grandmother is Socorro Grecia Golez, daughter of Maximina Javellana Grecia who married Juan Golez. My great grandmother is Narcisa Javellana ‘oyang Inar’ as my mother calls her.

    Socorro Grecia Golez married Telesforo Garcia Gargantiel from Binalbagan and settled in Bayawan City, Neg Or. where Telesforo was the mayor after the war. When Socorro died of TB, my grandfather married her elder sister Maria Grecia Golez.

    I’m glad I found this site so now I can piece together the connections of the relatives I met. It’s sad to hear that tito Edison Sanz passed away last year.

    Here are the decendants of Maximina Javellana Grecia & Juan Golez
    1. Socorro Grecia Golez . Married Telesforo Garcia Gargantiel and had 6 children:
    1.1 Ceasar Golez Gargantiel. Never returned from WWII
    1.2 Remedios Golez Gargantiel married Felix Gaudiel Sr. from Ilog. They have 4 children, Remo, Refe, Lorna & Rene.
    1.3 Consolacion Golez Gargantiel. Married Roberto Jimenez Ignacio from Cadiz. They have 4 children, Rebecca, Susan Roberto Jr. and Maricar.
    1.4 Igmedio Golez Gargantiel married Ester Rivas from Tigbauan. they have 3 children. Telesforo ‘Bingboy’ Jr, Cezar, Marissa
    1.5 Serafin Golez Gargantiel married Rhodora Tronco from Tigbauan. They have 5 children, Williabel ‘Bebett’, Serafin Jr.,Ingrid,Vera-lyn Sheila
    1.6 Rodolfo Golez Gargantiel married Teresita Arcenas Tirol form Capiz. They have 4 children, Rudolph, Grace, Melanie & Gary.

    2. Maria Grecia Golez. Married Telesforo Garcia Gargantiel. No children
    3. Pedro Grecia Golez “tatay Indo”
    4. Emilio Grecia Golez ” tatay Iming”
    5. Agapito Grecia Golez ” tatay Pito”
    6. Albina Grecia Golez “nanay Albin”
    7. Filomino Grecia Golez
    8. Paulina Grecia Golez

    There’s more to uncover with the siblings of my grandmother Socorro. The information was provided to me by my mother years ago but it was kept in storage for years. Not until my auntie Remedios turned 90 seven years ago that I realized i had to trace our roots and pass on the family history to the next generation.


  13. It is with deep sadness that we inform our relatives and friends of the passing of Thelma Cajilig vda de Magos, retired public school teacher of the Cabatuan Central Elementary School, at the age of 85.

    She is now reunited with her parents Pacifico Cabronero Cajilig and Pacita Javellana Alfaras, her husband Miguel, and her sisters Sor Perla and Pacita.

    She is survived by her son Noel and daughter Maria Lourdes, daughter-in-law Rebecca Leysa and son-in-law Septher Monegro, grandchildren Giselle Anne, Niel Marvin, Skye Anjela and Shanelle Anjelee, her nephews Roy, Danilo and Nereo and their spouses, and her grandnephews and grandnieces.

    Interment schedule will be announced later.

    We request the pious reader to please pray for the eternal repose of her soul. Thank you.

  14. Hi! I was helping one of your relatives today, and while in the process, may have stumbled upon the grandparents of Cristino Javellana from both sides. Please contact me if you need this information. Thanks!

    Felvir Ordinario
    FamilySearch Philippines

  15. I am one of the grand daughters of Jose Maria (Osing) Manihan Jaranilla. They are from Silay but as I remember they have families in Guimaras and Jaro Iloilo. Virginia Jaranilla (my. Lola Binyang) is the baby sister of my dear Tatay Osing (Lolo Osing).

  16. Just learned yesterday that I am one of the great grand sons of Victoriano Catague and Marcelina Javellana. Victoriano and Marcelina were my Father’s (David Jamili Javellana K(C)atague) grand parents,

  17. Hi. I am one of the great granchildren of Angelina Gorres and Crisostomo “Tomoy” Javellana. Tomoy Javellana is one of the children of Melquiades Javellana and Paz Darroca. My father is Joselito Javellana Gorres, the child of Inday Terry. Inday Terry is the only child of Angelina Gorres and Tomoy Javellana. I’m just glad I found this site.

  18. Victoria Punzalan, the last surviving child of Cirilo Punzalan and Maria Consolacion Hinolan Javellana and granddaughter of Cristino Lopez Javellana and Herminegilda Hinolan, passed away on May 2, 2015 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She was 85. She served as senior archivist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the Penn State University. Please pray for the eternal repose of her soul. May she rest in peace.

  19. Rest in Peace: Edison Javellana Sanz (1929 – 2015)
    Edison passed away last March 13, 2015 in Los Angeles California at the age of 85. Born on May 14, 1929, he was the second child of Paterno Sanz and Leonor Javellana (daughter of Melquiades Javellana and Paz Valenzuela Darroca, granddaughter of Cristino Javellana and Baldomera Hechanova Ledesma). He married Keiko San with whom he had five children Shirley, Marilyn, Edison Jr., Susan and Raymond. His siblings were Ephraim†, Augusto†, Violeta, Enrique†.
    Please pray for the eternal repose of his soul.

  20. My mothers name is Thelma Ugale-jaranilla, from caloocan

  21. Hi do you know felix jaranilla son of aurora and cornelio jaranilla, i need birth certificate and information from mr felix jaranilla, cause my mom cant get a pasport cause she has a problem with her marriage certificate with felix jaranilla, could you send me an email thanks

  22. good day!… my father named Norberto Javellana Ibanez jr. born june 6, 1936 jaro ilo-ilo. His parents name are norberto ibanez sr. and esperanza javellana ..
    sad to say my father already died way back 2007 and we never met his relatives neither his parents nor his siblings.. hope that you would help us find them.. Thank you and Godbless you!


  23. Just want to say thank you for this beautiful website! I’ve been trying to find my ancestors through and this took me by surprise. FYI: I’m the 3rd-great-granddaughter of Inocencia Javellana through her daughter Francisca Jamora. Thank you so much for this! Keep up the good work 🙂

  24. Hi! I’m a mother of 2 precious Javellanas but unfortunately my husband(Kim Kristoffer Javellana) doesn’t have even the slightest idea where his family originated. It’s a sad thing that whenever my kids would ask about their dad’s family, i always feel sorry towards them. For all i know is that my husband was born in Jaro, Iloilo City to the late Elpidio Javellana and Luz Dagami-Javellana(second wife). My husband is an officer on board(seaman) and i am working in a hospital as a Senior Admin Officer here in Tacloban. In fact, we are the only Javellana here, so i must say. For the entire years i spent in the hospital where i work, i get to know a lot of doctors and upon hearing my surname they would ask me” Javellana from Jaro, iloilo?”, then i simply reply “Yes, my husband”. It’s my way of giving them a hint not to ask any more questions.’Coz honestly, i don’t really know much about my husband’s family, whether he still has brothers or sisters out there or anything. Just sharing. i merely hate the thought of my kids being deprived of facts about their family roots and history. So, i’m so grateful to have seen this blog…and i do hope this would probably put an end to my long-time search. God bless and more power!

  25. It is with deep sadness that we announce the demise last night of Leticia Tarrosa vda. de Javellana, widow of former Guimaras Gov. Abelardo Javellana. She was 93. She is survived by her children Ofelia, Pilar, Cynthia, Pacita, (†) Jerry and Kiddy, in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her body will lie in state starting tonight at the St. Joseph the Worker Parish Mortuary in Jaro and will be transferred to the family residence in East Valencia (Mantangingi), Buenavista, Guimaras on Friday. Interment will be on March 31, 2014. We request the pious reader to pray for the eternal repose of her soul. Lola Leting, you will forever be missed!

  26. Our deep sympathy to your loss and to our other relatives…

  27. † Pacita Alfaras Cajilig-Lujan joined her Creator on the 22nd of November 2013 at the age of 77.

    She is now reunited with her husband Pio Roldan Lujan, her daughter May Ann, her parents Pacifico Cambronero Cajilig and Pacita Javellana Alfaras, and her sister Sor Perla Cajilig, DC.

    She is survived by her sister Thelma, her children Roy, Danilo, Nereo and Malou, her children-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Her body lies in state at the family residence in Rizal Street, Cabatuan, Iloilo.

    Interment will be on the 7th of December 2013 at the Cabatuan Catholic Cemetery following a 2:00 p.m. Mass at the Cabatuan Parish Church in Cabatuan, Iloilo.

    We request the pious reader to please pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

  28. Hafa adai, my name is Joseph Grecia and I am from Guam. My father is Cesar Armada Grecia from Jaro, Iloilo. My father migrated to Guam from Iloilo right after World War II. I have family still in Jaro and Lapaz. I want to know more about my fathers side of the family, the Grecia’s and I hope to connect with more family, no matter how far apart we are.

  29. do you have any knowledge of the desendants of descalsota javellana?

  30. Hi Sienna, your grandfather was Armando Sacramento who married Mely Jaranilla, daughter of Aurora Javellana and Cornelio Jaranilla Sr. Aurora is the daughter of Melquiades Javellana and the granddaughter of Don Cristino Javellana.

  31. Hi!!! I’m doing a family project and this is my family!!! I was wondering why somewhere along the line my last name was changed to Sacramento?

  32. My condolences, there’s great purpose in this life and it has great impact of our eternal existence. Though we did not meet personally we are all one great family, this mortal life is now a part of eternity. He just passed on to the other side of the veil. All are saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

  33. PEDRO APOLLO PANES joined his Creator on 6 May 2012 after a long fight with Cancer at the Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, Illinois. He is survived by his wife Maria Angelica Mabilog Panes, children Camille Megan and Peter Daniel, and sisters Maria Majella and Maria Carmela. He is the grandson of Rosario Dionicia Hinolan Javellana and Pedro Guianson Pama. May his soul rest in peace!

  34. This is exciting. Our lineage are from Silay. I hope I can also find out our connections. My grandparents are Dioscoro and Dolores Javellana. I only remember my great grandparents as Lolo Kari and Lola Kalay.

  35. Hi! The paragraph “I could not ascertain whether Cerilo Punzalan and Consolacion Javellana ever had children…” was written on 25 February 2009 when I started my genealogical research. Data started coming in since then and I was able to fill up the holes. There is a succeeding article dated August 29, 2011 updating the first one. Happy New Year!

  36. “I could not ascertain whether Cerilo Punzalan and Consolacion Javellana ever had children.” – from website

    Cirilo Punsalan and Consolacion Javellana were my lolo and lola. Yes they did have children. Ramon, Manuel, Virginia, Leticia (my mother) Gloria and Pacita. Thank you for the work you did here. Great history that I am happy to be associated with.

  37. im truly overwhelmed when i came across javellana.wordprss site. my family have been trying to trace our roots. my grandfather name is oscar javellana who is married to esperanza ocoma of sara iloilo. they have one daughter flossie who is our mother. i remember i meet one of my father sister way back in the 80’s her name is felissa javellana, another brother is jethro javellana who was a famous 9 ball billard champion. i want to know what branch of javellana’s we came from and most of my siblings wanted to connect with other relative. hope to hear from you sir

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